Sieze The Day!

The Concept

Celebrate Life Every Day

The core principal of Sage Gourmand is Celebrating life. We all have an opportunity to do this with every meal. It is up to you to capitalize on the opportunity. If you can find a way to celebrate at meal times, you can change the course of your life. 

My goal for Sage Gourmand is to demonstrate a path for others to find inspiration. This path starts with taking the responsibility to create happiness for yourself. Sage Gourmand is the starting line. The finish line is up to you. 

By taking a fundamental aspect of human existence, eating, and celebrating it as the joyous occasion that it can be, you can establish the foundation of an abundant and fulfilling life. 

Enjoying food and savoring meals is a great place to start but there is a whole new level to be experienced when you create and prepare meals yourself. 

I have spent nearly twenty years of my life in the hospitality industry. Many of those years were in creative culinary positions. Part of the Sage Gourmand concept is coaching through the wonderful world of meal preparation. Cooking is a fantastic creative outlet and I can help you understand the basic dynamics. 

As I mentioned in the intro video, coaching, consulting, and speaking are in my aspirations. My ambition is to help guide you to the greatest experience that you can create for yourself. 

I am currently finishing my first book, Mastering Your Illusion. It should be available later this year. It is a breakdown of the approach I use to live a happy, fulfilling, and abundant life. The concepts that make up Sage Gourmand are an integral aspect. Keep an eye out or it's release.